The Science Of Biology

the Biology — the science of life. It examines the diversity of animals, plants and microorganisms, their structure and vital activity, growth and development, lifestyle and distribution, genetics and the origin.Without a deep knowledge of biology is impossible the fruitful development of agricultural science, improve crop and livestock production.As shown by the experience of recent years, students preparing for the biology exam, experiencing some difficulties, due to the fact that in a high school biology course is divided into four separate disciplines: General biology, botany, Zoology and anatomy (physiology) of the human.These disciplines are taught in various secondary schools in the next 4-5 years in various textbooks. Part of the existing material in them is assimilated by students with known difficulty and requires clarification and clarification.There is therefore a need of a special tutorial, aimed to help entrants in the agricultural higher education institutions to restore and enhance your knowledge of biology received in high school.It is designed for students in the preparatory courses and for individuals preparing yourself for foster tests in biology.On the website summarized the main points and important data for the next branches of biology:
1.General biology
2. Botany
3. Zoology
4. Anatomy and human physiology
5. The teaching of evolution

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