The estrous cycle

the Estrous cycle (novolat. estrus – estrus), recurrent changes in the vagina of sexually Mature female mammals (except primates), respectively cyclic processes in the ovaries, oviducts and uterus. The cyclical periodicity depends on the hormonal activity of the ovaries. The whole cycle consists of 4 stages: proestrus (Predtecha), estrus (estrus), metestrus (politicka), diestrus (mestechka). In animals, seasonal breeding (marten, wolf, Tyulenovo), at the end of the season, the cycle is paused (seasonal anestrus). In animals with estrous cycle, copulation and fertilization can only occur during ovulation (estrus stage). Duration of the estrous cycle varies considerably from species to species and can vary depending on the physiological state of the organism and under the influence of various external factors.

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