the Yak (Bos mutus Przewalsky, 1883), species of the genus bulls. The big bull with a massive long torso, relatively short legs and a heavy head. The size of the bulls: body weight about 1000 kg, a body length of about 330 cm, height about 180 cm, tail length about 90 cm; the cows are much smaller (height at withers about 145 cm) and lighter. Great horns, there are bulls and cows. The fore limbs, chest, hem, sides and belly, hind legs long shaggy hair form a “skirt”, the tail is covered with thick and long hair and is similar to a horse. The fur is black. From bison is characterized by a shape and size of horns, colour, the presence of a “skirt” and “horse” tail. The karyotype of 60 chromosomes.

Geographic variation has not been studied. The distribution area covers the Tibet in historical time, the Altai and Sayan. The inhabitant of the mountains. Polygam. Leads gregarious lifestyle, females with calves sometimes gather in herds of up to 2000 animals. A leading role in communication are olfactory signals. It eats mostly grass and shrub vegetation. Reproduction in females occurs 1 times in 2 years. Gon is dedicated to September — October. Calving takes place in June – July. Pregnancy is about 9 months. Usually 1 calf is born. Reach sexual maturity at 2-3 year. In the wild, it is rare in Russia at present is not found. In Central Asia domesticated.

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